Friday, May 1, 2009

Updates . . . Updates . . .

Seems like I have lots of updates these days.

El is on the mend.  She woke up this morning smiling with her curls matted to her head unattractively.  In short, she is back to her old self.  Currently, she is in her high chair spooning oatmeal on her head.  And, no, I am not exaggerating.

So, I have survived part one of a possible 3 part sickness mini series.  I'll keep you posted on subsequent releases.  I am sure that you are on the edge of your seat for those.

As for my mom and her dog . . . well,( I can hardly type this with a straight face) . . . her veterinarian recommended a course of action for Cappy and his biting.  She recommended that my mom make an appointment with a behavior specialist for Cappy.  (Remember, this is a dog, not a person.)

SO, being naturally curious, and a bit of a smart ass, I asked, "So, is a behavior specialist a trainer?  Or is it something you go to school for 10 years to become?"

Mom answered, "Not a trainer.  More like a psychiatrist."

And then I lost it.  Through laughter, tears, and the like I mustered, "A shrink?  There is such a thing as a doggie shrink?"

Completely serious, but with a little bit of incredulity herself she replied, "Apparently, there is.  And I am going to pay him to fix Cappy."

And then several thoughts occurred to me:
1)  What does a "behavioral specialist" charge?  EEK!  I hate to think about it.
2)  Maybe Cappy isn't the one that needs to be fixed.  Maybe, (read-definitely!) my mom needs some training.  
3)Is Mom's hair going to grow as long as Crystal Gale's as she ignores her own grooming  in order to finance this latest expense with Cappy?

Hmmmmmmm!  So much to think about . . .

Aren't you glad that you checked in with my insanity today?!?

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  1. Annie,

    The behavior specialist is a VET who goes to school an extra year and specializes in helping with aggressive behavior etc.

    I am not going to pay for it. I am using mom mom's money. She is the reason my dog needs therapy anyway. Geez, she is the reason I need therapy.

    I am doing this so if I end up in animal control court, I can say I tried everything. Also, I KNOW how my children feel about my baby so I need him to get some training before vacation. He is my blood pressure pill and I need to bring him since mom mom is coming too.
    Love ya!


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