Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me! Memorial Day

It is Monday again, and this Monday did not start as a usual Monday.  Because of Memorial Day, there was no evil alarm clock, no rushing to brush knotty hair, and no gulped down toast on the way out of the door.  Instead, I had leisurely coffee with yummy french vanilla creamer, I read the entire newspaper, and I ate a whole wheat English muffin with melted butter. (Do not even talk to me about margarine!  Fake fat?!  I mean, seriously, if I am going to consume fat, it is going to be the good stuff.  Full fat.  Full flavor!  Yum!)  The kiddies slept until 9 am and hubby went golfing in the early am hours, so the house was quiet and comatose.  A beautiful morning all in all, and a great preview of the summer mornings to come.

Bring it on, I say.

I am ready!

Like most Mondays, I will divulge my secrets to you in the form of a Not Me! Monday, a posting idea made famous by the fabulous blogger MckMama.  A Not Me!  Monday is the one day of the week where you are brutally honest with yourself in the hopes that you can fend off a trip to the psychiatrist's office.  Purging the craziness allows for a fresh outlook for the upcoming insanity of the week.  With that said . . .

Onto my free therapy . . .

It was not me that on E's last day of preschool was running late to pick him up.  I would certainly have allowed enough time for a decent shower after my trip to the gym.  I would not have hurriedly threw clothes on, ignoring the fact that my shorts were a bit snug.  It also couldn't have been me that after running into E's school building and gathering a few looks from other on-time mommies, noticed that the reason my shorts were snug was that a stray pair of my black lacy underwear had hitch hiked a ride inside my short's leg.  It also could not have been me that was mortified that the stow away undies said in bright pink on its band, "Victoria's Secret PINK!"  Ridiculous!  I would never suffer from static cling, nor do I  worry about what other mommies think of my undies.  That would be a waste of my time, don't you think?

It was also not me that served my kiddies macaroni and cheese three times last week.  I would recognize that macaroni and cheese is not an every day meal, but a sometimes meal.  I also would not have been caught eating the said macaroni and cheese out of the pan with a serving spoon.  I know that I am supposed to be watching my calories, not watching my calories grow.

Clearly, it could not have been me that discovered when writing my bills that I had no more checks.  I would have been more fiscally responsible and ordered my checks weeks ago when I noticed that they were becoming scarce.  I would not have spent close to $40 to rush order more checks so that I could pay my bills in a timely manner.  That would have been frivolous for me to do.  Silly!

It was also not me that found an extra book of checks in my secret hiding place for emergencies . . . three days later.

Finally, it could not have been me that did absolutely no laundry for 4 days straight just because  . . . well, just because the weather was so beautiful.  Clearly, a family's laundry is important.

But, . . .

it just can't be me that thinks that it isn't that important.

Oh well, off to the rest of my day!

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