Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Blizzard

Since the weather has broken, I have been promising the kiddies that we will get ice cream one night after dinner.  One of our favorite summer ice cream stops is the local Dairy Queen. . .  and, now that E is five, he has declared himself old enough to eat a Dairy Queen blizzard.  

So, every day (and night) for the past few evenings, E has questioned, begged, and pleaded for his beloved blizzard.  

And, so far, every evening we have had something else to do, so, no blizzard for E.

Last night, while I was showering after working in the yard, E barged into the bathroom, closed the toilet lid, and parked himself comfortable. 


Through the sound of water I answered a garbled, "Yes?"

"Mom, I am not going to ask you about Dairy Queen or a blizzard!"

I smiled.  I suspected that he was up to something.  "That's great E.  What's up?"

"Well.  I thought that I would sing you a song instead."

I waited and wondered just exactly what he was concocting.

"OK, Mom.  Here it is . . .  I loooooove blizzards.  Dad looooooves blizzards.  Sisters looooove blizzards, except for baby sisters who are allergic to peanuts!" he sing-songed heartily.

I immediately started to giggle at his attempt at persuasion, so I was unprepared for his last line of the melody.

"Even Jesus loooooooooves blizzards!"  He paused.  "That's it Mom.  I am done.  Did you like it?"

Seriously, how could I not like it?  It was a complete original, and I had to give him points for including Jesus, because, after all, Jesus was a man.  I suppose that he could have liked blizzards.

I just wonder if the Virgin Mary was ever disturbed while she bathed.

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