Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cleanliness is next to . . .

What does this say about my cleaning abilities?

When I was flipping through some TV channels, E said, "Mom!  Stop right there!"

Intrigued, I stopped.  It was an infomercial for the Shark Steam Mop.  E sat mesmerized for about 5 minutes as the pitchman described all of the wondrous things that the steam mop could clean. Floors? Yes!  Toilets?  Yes!  Toys?  No problem!  It appeared that there was nothing that the mop could not clean. 

It was then that E turned to me, and with a straight and honest face said, "Mom, you really need that.  Do you want it for Mother's Day?"

No, dear boy.  I don't.

But, I would consider a maid.

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