Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday! Monday! Can't trust that day . . .

Why is it that it is so hard to get out of bed on Monday morning?

Theoretically, getting up and out of the bed on a Monday should be no easier and no harder than any other morning, but unfortunately, even though my brain knows and accepts this logic, it still chooses to rebel, and push my internal snooze button.

So, it is with sleepy eyes, that I am facing this Monday.  Sleepy eyes and no coffee as of yet. (Hubby forgot to push the brew button for my coffee.  Conveniently, he remembered to push the brew button for his side.  Hmmmmm!)  I hope this is not foreshadowing.

Despite these setbacks, I shall forge ahead in my Not Me! Monday post. (A Not Me! Monday is a post idea made famous by the fabulous blogger, MckMama.  It is where you are brutally honest and own up to all of the crazy things that you did in the previous week.)  It is almost as good as a dose of therapy for me to divulge the past week's insanity, so I must. 

Come along for the ride, if you dare!

On this past rainy Saturday morning, it was not me that "forgot" to go to E's school parade.  Clearly, I would have remembered that the preschool was marching in the soggy parade, and I would have gladly geared up all three of the kiddies to be possibly doused for the 1.5 mile parade route.  And when E remembered all by himself, I would not have told an outright fib about parades being canceled due to rain.  I would have been honest with E and explained that mommies don't like to mix kiddies and rain for prolonged periods of time.  Mixing kiddies and rain is like shaking up a soda bottle.  It seems like fun if you give the exploding bottle to someone else, but if you are standing, holding the exploding soda yourself . . . it stinks.  Same with kiddies and rain.  Plain and simple.

It was not hubby and me that decided that since the basement remodel was on an indefinite hold until we figure out the water problem, we would start to tackle the kitchen.  We did not rip out partial walls and part of the flooring either.  Nope!  Not us!  We would have waited patiently for one project to be completed before we began the next project.  That is only logical, and 2 college educated people should be full of logic.  Right?  Right!  Clearly, it was not us that was eagerly planning and anticipating a new kitchen (somewhere down the road).  That would just be crazy!

It was not me that attended Ab's school's end of the year program in my sweats from the gym.  Clearly, I would have actually showered before attending the program instead of just doing an armpit sniff check and then adding some more deodorant for good measure.   I would have taken more time with my appearance seeing as how I would meet up with each and every parent and teacher from the PTA.  I would not have rationalized with myself that everyone was there to see the students perform and not to check out the moms in the crowd.  No way that that could have been me!  Ridiculous!

It couldn't have been me that found a utility bill in the back of my car (under socks, a sweatshirt, a crumpled napkin, 2 melted crayons, and a sippy cup that needed to be condemned) that should have been mailed two weeks ago.

It also was not me that while doing laundry, purposely matched the last two remaining socks together, even though clearly one was navy blue and one was black.  No way would I allow my hubby to wear non-matching socks even though no one sees them under his dress pants.  Impossible!

And finally, I do not have a safety pin currently holding my bra together.  I would invest the time and effort to find a new bra to support the old girls.  It's the least that I would do for such hard working members of the family.

There.  That's better.

Coffee's done and I have purged my craziness.  

Onto my Monday!


  1. love love love your post! I also really like the way you do your Not Me!
    My truck has the same items in it...that's why I am trying to have only electronic statements to help me be on time...maybe..also love your rationalization with the soda! Perfect!

  2. I too have gone to school programs in my gym clothes...I mean have not done that! Happy Monday...glad you still got your coffee!


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