Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Morning!

Dear Lady ( in the white 4 door sedan on Dorothy Lane at 9:00 am),

It was really lovely to share the road with you this morning.  The sun was shining, the tunes were grooving, and all in all, a wonderful day was beginning.  Thank you for adding your special something to my already happy morning.

You see, I was totally unprepared for what I saw when I glanced over at you this a.m.  While we were at the stop light, I turned my head to check out you and your vehicle.  I know that I am supposed to keep my eyes on the road, but I find that it is just so much nicer to be a little sociable and smile at the driver next to you.  Don't you?  You must feel the same way as I do, because you did give me a half grin back, after you completed your chore.

What chore you may inquire?

Well . . .  I didn't catch you eating your breakfast, and no, I did not catch you doing your morning grooming.  Those, I would have understood.  In fact, I am guilty of both eating and applying make up while I drive.  Frequently, you may catch me munching on a granola bar or painting on mascara at a stop light.  But, unfortunately, thus far in my many years of life (Did you think I would tell you my age?  Shame on you!), I have never seen anyone accomplish what you have accomplished this morning while you were behind the driver's wheel. You really must be gifted and talented.  Your mother must be so proud.

So, thank you again for the half hearted grin after you finished spitting out your toothpaste.  Your good morning salute to me while holding your manual toothbrush, your dixie spit cup, and the steering wheel were really the highlights to my morning commute.  I am in awe of your efficiency.  Combining brushing your teeth and driving?  What a novel idea!  What will you accomplish next?  Will you be like the lady that was recently arrested here that was breastfeeding her infant while driving?  She too is a master of efficiency.  I am truly amazed.

So thank you again.   I just thought that you should know that you made my day.


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  1. Maybe she was homeless and lives in her car.
    Now I have never done that Annie. I love your new camera. Send me those last photos I want to frame them.


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