Sunday, May 31, 2009

Low Tech? How About NO Tech?

OK.  I have a blog.

So, naturally it follows that a) I have a computer and b) I actually use it.

Unfortunately though, I am ready to confess something.  I am quite technology deficient. For example,  I am not sure about cookies (unless they are dipped in a glass of ice cold milk.)  I still can only locate my photos on my hard drive by using the help window feature.  And if that is not bad enough, every time a window pops up about authenticating a security certificate, it reminds me just how insecure I really am with this computer.

One time, not too far in the past, I was typing away on a post, and lo and behold, my screen went blank.  I opened and closed the lid to the lap top hoping that that would do the trick.  Unfortunately, it did not.  I closed my eyes, said a silent prayer, and surreptitiously opened them.  No dice!  Black screen.  I tried to reboot.  Nothing.  Finally, I called for back up, and hubby came to the rescue.  He tickety tapped a few keys, glanced around the back of the computer, and then smiled mischievously.  

"Well? It's dead right?"  I asked, jumping to the worst case scenario.  My mind replayed my last few minutes with the infernal machine, trying to find the cause of its death.

Paul sighed, looked up to the ceiling, and then declared exasperatedly, "Annie!  It's dead alright.  The battery is dead!  Just charge it." 

And, it was!  He was right, and I was just plain computer stupid, two things that I hate!

So, needless to say, any little freeze, glitch or problem with the computer and I panic.

Fast forward to a few days ago when I posted a discussion on another person's blog via the blogfrog (The widget in the right corner of my blog. . . or for you fellow technology inept readers, the button or link.)  I was pretty impressed with myself that I had figured out how to get to the blog's forum and then had also figured out how to post a discussion question.  I asked for granola recipes without nuts, because of El's nut allergy.  All was well and a few people posted some great recipe replies, but then tragedy struck.  As I scrolled down the page to get to the most recent recipe posts, the page stopped.  No more scrolling.  And, even though there were clearly more people that had gone out of their way to answer my plea for recipe help, I could not access their posts no matter what I did.

I tried every avenue that I knew. (Although, I admit I do not know that many avenues or roads or streets for that matter.  Unfortunately, I am not a GPS for computer maneuvering.)  Nothing.  Finally, I emailed the blogfrog help desk.

Clearly, I need help . . .

and my granola recipes!

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