Thursday, May 28, 2009

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails?!?

There is definitely a difference between boys and girls.

I witnessed this firsthand at the ballpark tonight.  Two little rugrats on E's team were gabbing while waiting to bat.  I couldn't help but eavesdrop as they played in the mud right in front of my seat.

"Hey!  Where did you go?"  Boy 1 asked Boy 2.

Boy 2, looked perplexed, shrugged and then went back to packing his mud into a mound.

Boy 1 tried again, and this time he was sure to be good and loud.  "I said, where did you go?"

"Go?" Boy 2 answered.  Then it dawned on him.  "Oh!  Go!  There was a port a potty over by that dugout," he gestured over his shoulder to the big boy ball field.  "I went there."  

"Oh."  Boy 1 answered.

They both played for a few moments, getting muddier and muddier by the minute.

Finally, Boy 2 volunteered some more information in a semi-whisper, "It didn't have a sink so . . . I didn't wash my hands."

Boy 1 instantly froze, looked at Boy 2 right in the face and said, in awe, "That is so cool!  You are so lucky."

As God as my witness, I couldn't make this stuff up.  It just happened right before my eyes.

So, there you have it.  

I love, love, love little boys. . .

But they are gross.

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