Monday, May 11, 2009

Post Mother's Day Not Me! Monday

It is Monday, again, and  I am a little blue.  You see, it is the Monday after Mother's Day.  The day after my queen for the day moment.  And, while I am pretty sure that I milked my day to the utmost indulgence, the thought of the Monday after a day where I went out to lunch, shopped, and was waited on by hubby and the kiddies, just makes me want to crawl back under my covers for a few more snoozes. Unfortunately, I can not.  Instead, I am up, have had my necessary coffee, and am preparing for the insanity of the day.   As part of my Monday, I have decided to own up to my last week's craziness.  This will be another Not Me! Monday, made famous by the fabulous blogger MckMama. ( A Not Me! Monday is a Monday when you own up to all those crazy things you did the previous week in order to feel refreshed, renewed and quite frankly, sane.)

Let the insanity begin!

It was not me that broke down at the sight of my ripped up and ugly basement floor.  I would have had the grace and maturity to recognize that a ruined basement floor was not the end of the world, that it could be replaced, and that in the course of my lifetime, I would look back on this floor installation and demolition cycle and laugh.  I would not have sat down on my bare concrete floor and let the tears roll down my cheeks as my kiddies consoled me with kisses and whispers of "What's wrong mommy?"  Ridiculous!  It couldn't have been me, because I have more composure than that!

It was also not me that remembered to purchase, write out and address Mother's Day cards . . . only to forget to mail them until Saturday.

Clearly, it could not have been me that made my son wear his sister's socks because none of his own were clean.  I would never do that . . .especially since the white socks in question were trimmed with a pink detail.  I mean, really?!  What mother would ignore her son's cries of  "Boys don't wear pink!" ?  I certainly did not tell E, in explanation (and exasperation) that the pink was, in fact, red, but . . . it was hard to tell in the hallway lighting.  Nope!  Not me!

And, when the anxiety of an action packed Saturday got the best of me, and I was unprepared to fix a nutritious lunch, I most certainly did not drive through my local McD's to partake of some McFood.  I also did not order an entire order of french fries for myself.  That would have only sabotaged my frequent work outs.  I also did not lick the fries' salty goodness off of my fingertips when I was finished.  No way!  Not me!

You also would not have found me at the gym on Sunday morning, working off the said fries, after a night of post- french fry guilt.

Finally, it was not me that was actually considering cutting my hair really short and going without socks and underwear in the hopes that I may weigh a few ounces less when I weigh in with my trainer this week.  That is just absurd!  

Too bad not me ate that extra piece of E's birthday cake.

Until next week . . .

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