Monday, May 11, 2009

Art Reflects Life

Last Friday, I had the privilege to go to a Mother's Day Tea in Ab's classroom.  We dined on lemonade, strawberries, and Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (At this rate, I will never lose these last 5 pounds.) The kiddies sang all the moms a song, then each kiddie read his or her mom an original poem. ( Of course, my little kiddie's was the best, although I am completely and utterly biased. ) Anyway, along with the lovely poems, each mommy's angel drew a picture of his or her mom.  Here is my masterpiece!

And here is what I actually looked like on that day.

The resemblance is uncanny isn't it?  

I especially like that dear, sweet Ab included my lovely age spot that resides on my left cheek.  You know, that brownie-colored liver spot that is compliments of hours and hours in the sunshine without a lick of sunscreen.  The one that, if I had some spare cash, I would have lasered completely off lickety split.  That one!  When I commented on her fabulous attention to detail, she beamed, and then explained, "Well, I do look at you a lot!"  True.  True.  
All I know is that my portrait is a keeper and that Ab's performance, poem, and artwork brought me to tears (even if some of them were through laughter).

At least my tiny fashionista thought to include an attractive green choker for her mom in her portrait.  She knows that I love, love, love to accessorize.

What woman doesn't?

After all, I daily try to match my doo rag hair bandana to my workout sweatpants. Accessorizing is the least that I can do for my fellow gym patrons. 

I'm just thoughtful like that.

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