Sunday, May 24, 2009


My hubby and I are overachievers.

Currently, we are . . .

1) Trying to solve the water problem in the basement.  So far we have removed the floor, cleaned the water up, fixed the broken gutter that was the suspected culprit of the crime, and are investigating preventing water problems in the future.  

2.) Doing spring cleaning in the garage.  Hubby took a trip to the dump yesterday with a car load of junk, mostly broken down toys, leftover building materials, and general gahr - bahge.  Purging (junk that is) is one of my favorite things to do.  The kiddies know that if they leave their toys out, they will either be donated to Goodwill, trashed (if they are broken or unsafe), or sucked up by the vacuum if they are small enough to fit through the cleaner hose.  No questions asked. I am evil in that way.  It's OK though.  I am good with it.

3.) Laying new floor in Ab's room.  The project is 98 percent complete, despite some very colorful language from hubby.   We reused the leftover good flooring from the basement, so, no cost.  Just labor.  Very time consuming and cursing inducing labor.  It's a good thing that the weather has been so nice, the kiddies were outside to miss most of it.  We actually may have to invent a new language to express our dissatisfaction in front of the kiddies.  Something along the lines of, "Holy Sch-nikes!" a la Tommy Boy or maybe, "Son of a motherless goat."  Somehow, those don't seem to express quite the same sentiment.

4.) Working on the kitchen remodel.  One section has no walls or flooring.  As I write, hubby is drilling into the wall to locate the electrical wires to do some rewiring.  Unfortunately, I just heard an, "Uh oh."  An uttered, uh- oh, usually means, hire a professional, and in this case, hubby just drilled through an electrical wire.  Fortunately, I have experience in this area (uh-oh's not electricity), and I have my electrician's number programmed into my cell phone for just this reason.

5.) And, if these projects are not enough, I am in the midst of finishing painting the hallway.  This is not an easy task as the stairwell has 20 foot ceilings, and I will need to use the extension ladder.  Extension ladders plus three kiddies and a cat equals hire a baby sitter for my sanity.  She will be helping out later this week.

So the insanity of the week continues as I live in a disaster zone.  We overachievers don't mind though. We see past the drop cloths, construction dust, and rubbermaid tubs full of tools and supplies. Instead, we only see the end result in our minds.  And, the end result will be spectacular!

Too bad it will take the better part of the year to complete.


Hi-ho! Hi-ho!  Off to work we go.

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