Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update on Mary and Her Niece

Mary's niece called several more times.

This time hubby answered.  And after a few frustrating conversations on his end ( and perhaps reading about my adventures with her in a previous post),  hubby tracked down MARY!  He googled her name and address, called her apartment manager, and found out that yes, she in fact was alive.  There goes my theory that she had passed on and her niece had "forgotten" about it.  So, although her niece may still have dementia, Mary is alive and kicking. 

The last time that Mary's niece called, Paul furnished her with the correct telephone number. It was just one digit different than our own.  Understandably,  this sweet, albeit persistent, old lady really did have the wrong number written down.  When she realized Paul's good deed, she cried and then said, "Are you a police officer?"  Humbly he replied that no, he was just a good person.  ( Secretly I think he was more than just a good person.  He was a little annoyed by her daily calls, and he finally decided to take action and solve the problem.  I love when he applies this rule to situations like these.  It is when I want to vent, and he attempts to solve that we get into it.)

So, hopefully Mary's niece is on the phone with Mary right now.

Either that or Mary is secretly cursing the good samaritan that gave out her number.

Take your pick.

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