Monday, April 20, 2009

The En- Forcer

This morning I was choked.

No, hubby didn't finally lose it and choke me when he found the garbage bag stuffed full.

And no, the seat belt in the car didn't win its daily battle to strangle me.

No, this morning I was moved by the force.  I was choked by this evil doer.
Yes, Darth Vader himself decided to choke dear old mom today.  Now normally Darth likes to duel with light sabers (or broom sticks if I am cleaning).  Occasionally, he likes to do battle with words only.  He loves to throw in the line with his deep, scuba -like voice, "I am your father.  Search your inner feelings.  You know it to be true!"  Because obviously  a daddy  knows everything, and a dad is  always right in Darth's world.  There have even been a few times where I have found Darth playing house with his sisters.  Apparently, Darth is an accomplished chef.  His sister says that he makes a fabulous hamburger.

So, it did not surprise me that Darth decided to visit today.  Instead, today I was taken aback by his menacing grin and his outstretched claw.  I looked into those evil eyes and I knew.  My time was up!  Darth's power over the dark side emanated from those fingers, grasped my neck, and choked.  

Obligingly, I wriggled, gasped for air, closed my eyes and promptly fell over. (Is there an academy award category for best mom death?)   He had won.  He had killed me.

Fortunately, he removed his helmet, leaned over, and sweetly kissed me, just in the nick of time.  

"Mom, it's OK.  Your not dead anymore.  I took away the choke hold."

"Thanks Darth.  I would hate to think that I died, and you would have to make your own breakfast. "

He giggled, placed the helmet back on his head, and was off.  I assume he was continuing on his course to eradicate the jedi knights.

Either that or he was on his way to concoct an omelet.

That Darth!  You have got to love a man that likes to do his own cooking (and looks so dashing in a hat)!

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