Sunday, April 12, 2009

Literally E

E is very black and white.

In E's world, if I say, "Just a minute, bud.  I'll help you in just a minute,"  E will stand at my side with a stopwatch, timing each of those 60 seconds exactly.  I know with certainty that when that minute mark expires, E will be tugging on my shirt, reminding me, "Mom, it's been a minute.  Are you ready?  Huh?  Are you?"

He is that literal.

That is why E's recent t-ball adventures were no surprise to me.  This is his first year in t-ball, although he has been asking to be on a team since he turned three.  This year, we finally caved, thinking that it would be fun for him and more fun for us to watch.  I mean, 4 and 5 year olds with gloves that are as long as their arms, pants that are held up with rubber bands, and ball caps that hide their eyes are just a fountain of entertainment waiting to happen.  In just practices, kids have run the wrong way, not run at all, and completely missed the stationary ball on the tee.  Good stuff.  I am considering investing in Depends, because I have a feeling that I may laugh to the point of peeing my pants.  

Anyway, since E is relatively new to the great American game, he is still learning the lingo. At one point, his coach yelled, "E.  I need you in left field."

E just stood there and stared at him.  It was obvious that he had no idea where he was supposed to go.  Frankly, I am not even sure he knows his left from his right.  (Although we know that his dad does . . . he he!*)

The coach picked up on E's clueless face pretty quickly and gave him a little more direction.  "Ethan, go stand behind the shortstop."

Well, E smiled at the coach, turned, and trotted off to his position 
. . . about one foot directly behind the shortstop.

He followed his coach's direction to fault.

I just hope that if someday they tell him to run home as he rounds
third . . . he doesn't run toward our house instead.

* A reference to On a Wing (and A Prayer) and Left . . . Without Words, earlier posts.

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