Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grossly Lovable

Ellerie is our grossest child.

Yesterday, I discovered the following on El at the end of the day:

1) Dried ketchup in her hair behind her left ear.  Probably from her hot dog bowl that she placed on her head to signal that she was done with lunch.

2) Crusty boogers under her nose, on her sleeve, and also in her curls.  Although she can blow her nose on command, she has yet to be self motivated.  Alas, we will have to contend with the fountain of snot until we can find a home for Sammy our kitty.  
Ellerie has tested positive to cat allergies (as well as eggs, peanuts, cashews, dust mites, and . . . oh . . . it is just too exhausting to list!)

3) Red spots on her lime green dress.  If I had to guess, these were probably from the strawberries she had for snack that she likes to suck on, mush up, and then leave in a mini mountainous pile for mom to discover by stepping on barefooted.  Yuck!

4)  Fluorescent yellow lips.  This, I believe, was from her penchant for eating highlighter markers.  Disgusting, yes, but, definitely original.  (My other kids may have eaten markers, but a highlighter?  El's got style!)

5)Tiny pieces of broken leaves and mulch in her hair, and surprise . . . in her diaper.  This grossness followed her backyard adventure where she sat in the playground mulch, carefully placed it in her plastic bucket and then, dumped it on her head.  Over and over and over.  

This sweet cherub that blesses my life daily is messy, dirty, and . . . blissfully happy.  She experiences her life to the fullest by touching, tasting, feeling and seeing things on her terms.  Her days are filled with giggles, belly laughs, and silly songs.  The way it should be.

So yes, she is gross.

But, I'll take gross any day!
Ellerie in one of her "cleaner" moments.

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