Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On to a Better Place

Can anyone recommend a good camera?

Mine is currently in hospice.  It will surely see the bright white light very soon, but is still holding on (and holding together) with the help of some handy duct tape.  I pray that its demise is swift and painless and that it goes on to a better picture taking place.  A place where no one drops it on its lens over and over.  A place where no one gnaws on its wrist band.  A place that is free of spills, messy kiddy hands, and littered bottoms of diaper bags.  My camera deserves a picture taking nirvana after what it has been through.

So go forth boldly, old friend.

I wish you well.

It will be hard to replace you, but . . .

I will.

And soon!  

I am missing too many good memories with this crazy family of mine.

Recs please?!?!


  1. Nikon D40-love it!! :) Kim

  2. I was just about to say that Kim has an awesome one. (Not that she ever send me the pics from it that she says she will or anything.) If you're not the professional photographer type though and just want good quality pics, I love my Kodak Easy Share too.

  3. I WANT pictures, so I hope it is soon. Pictures of my grandkids keep me going. Especially since my pictures of Cap all look like "Popeye". haha


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