Monday, April 13, 2009

The Eyes Have It

Ab is a mess today.

Her eyes are red and puffy.  Her hair is hanging in strings around her face.  Her tears have been streaming for awhile now.

The reason?

Oh, you would think that perhaps she disobeyed hubby or me, and  consequently, she found herself  in trouble.  Or maybe you would think that something went wrong at school.  Or you may even think that her brother E had terrorized her by taking her Barbie dolls to play in his Star Wars saga, where Darth Vader sacrifices poor, blonde Barbie on a daily basis.  You may think any of these things, but if you did, you would be wrong.

Ab is crying, because we went to the eye doctor today, and . . .  (wait for it . . .)

her eyes are perfect!

She does NOT need glasses, but apparently she WANTS them.

Go figure.

When I asked her about her reasoning, she replied simply, "Mom, there are Hannah Montana glasses that are so cool.  They would match with almost all of my outfits."

So, there's a girl for you.

She wants to wear glasses, not for eyesight improvement, but for the sake of fashion.

I don't know where she gets it from.


  1. Oh My Gosh! We just went through the same thing with Mackenzie, except she thought she would LIE to the eye doctor and pull a fast one on her. So she told me to go to Walmart and get her a pair of sunglasses with a pastel tint. She was convinced for a day that these were real...then her friends convinced her they weren't. She got over her glasses envy pretty quick. :) kim

  2. What is it with girls??? I hated my glasses when I had to where them in school. I will have to try the Walmart trick though. I will keep you posted!


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