Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Many Thanks

Dear Sears  Repairman,

Thank you so much for agreeing to work on my Sears Kenmore dryer.  Even though it is only a youngster by appliance age, apparently it needs some major surgery.  Who would have thought that a dryer that only cost $500 would require $337 dollars in parts alone?  Wow!  That just shows the quality parts that Sears uses for its repairs.  Even though the dryer is under warranty and replacing it with a brand new dryer would be the most cost effective solution for your company, how generous of you to spend the extra money to repair my dryer instead.  You are spending your company's dollars to leave me with my old dryer that I am already accustomed to using.  How thoughtful! It would be such a bear to have to learn how to use a brand new appliance.  

Thank you also for giving me a window of time to expect your arrival.  Lord knows that my time is valuable, and what with three kiddies' schedules, hubby's schedule , and my work schedule is was just so nice of you to narrow my wait time down.  Your pinpoint accuracy for arrival time is so appreciated that I was actually able to compose this letter while I waited for your arrival somewhere between 8am to 5pm.

Finally, thanks for your prompt attention to my dryer problem.  When I discovered the dryer making those horrendous scraping noises, I immediately called your repair line.  I was told that I would only have to wait two days for an appointment.  After those two days and my patient wait for the repairman, I was called by your service to alert me to the fact that the initial repairman was out sick.  How thoughtful of you to let me know!  (Who knows?  I may have wanted to send a get well card.)To my surprise,  I was given another appointment only 4 days later.  How efficient!  When your repairman arrived for the second appointment, he was very polite and professional, especially when he delivered the happy news that my dryer could be fixed, the parts were ordered, and I would have the very first appointment . . . 2 weeks later.  I am so very glad that I got that 2 week appointment.  I know that you are so busy!  Also, this delay allowed for my family and me to celebrate Earth Day by drying our clothes on the back deck of our home.  It is business practices like these that just make the consumer shake his head in wonder and awe.  Thanks again!

I look forward to meeting you today, sometime between 8 and 5.





  1. Annie did you forget they hired Uncle B. (PA) a few years back to be a repairman? That was a big clue to me about Sears but alas I still bought a Kenmore. My first Sears dryer lasted twenty years. Like all appliances I still think it is a crap shoot.

  2. That is so funny. I have written letters like this to Target and the pizza delivery man on my blog as well. This made me laugh! So true.


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