Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby

It's hubby's 40th birthday today.

A momentous birthday in the scope of birthday celebrating, yes.  But hubby doesn't really like birthdays.  

I know. I know.

What's not to like about birthdays? 

In my estimation, any day that has cake and presents and people celebrating you being in the world is, well, a great day.

Hubby doesn't think so.  

I think that he gets flustered by all of the attention and would rather just treat his birthday like any old plain day.  In fact, when he was a kid, he apparently went off to play with his friends and completely skipped out on his family birthday party.

I don't get this.

I would never miss a party, let alone a party in my honor.

So,  being that we are polar opposites, we both have to compromise.  He has gotten quite good at cards and birthday dinners.  And I have practiced toning it down on his birthday.  

It has been painful at times.  


So, in honor of his birthday today, there will be no big party and no cake.  But, he didn't say no to a blog tribute.  (Alright.  Alright.  I didn't ask him about a blog tribute. So sue me!)

To my hubby,

I love you.  You know that.  You make me laugh with your crazy ways, like how you check out people's eyes.  It's crazy.  But it's you!  I love your passion for things . . . like your sports.  You wouldn't be you without it.  I love that sometimes you embrace your inner geek, and you spend hours solving a rubik's cube,  and you think Pam Dawber is hot.  You know how that nerdiness make me smile.  Finally, I love what a caring and sensitive man you are.  You are the perfect husband for me and my insane ways.  Always patient and loving.  What more could the kiddies and I ask for?

Happy Birthday baby.

Let's go celebrate with some wings and beer!



*****And for those of you that are new and don't know all about hubby yet, just click on the above links for a taste of his insanity.  If you think I am crazy, then he is nuts too!


  1. Like you, I love birthdays. But like your hubby, I don't love the attention. I just love a reason to get friends together and laugh over beer... and cake never hurt!

    Some SITS lovin' for you ;)

  2. What a sweet, sweet post! I'm sure The Hubz appreciates it mucho. Even though I don't know him-or you-Happy Birthday, Hubby, and may you have many more. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    We Are, Like, Soooooooooooo Fetch!

  3. My husband and I are the opposite... he grew up with huge, ridiculous birthday things on the exact day of the birthday and (as I learned this year) expects that... I grew up with one birthday party in my whole life and the idea makes me really uncomfortable (especially openning presents in front of people). I'm working on trying to be better at my end of the compromise. (just dropping by from SITS)

  4. Happy 40th Hubs! You don't look a day over 39! hee hee (that's what you get for NO PARTY!)

  5. I don't care for big birthdays either... but if someone else does all the work for the party... LOL I am ok with it.

  6. Yet another thing we have in common. My hubby doesn't like big birthday bashes either. He also doesn't really like to be in pictures (neither do I!).

    Love your insanity. Makes me feel like I'm in good company. ;)



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