Monday, November 9, 2009

I Picked This One For You

Hubby clipped Ethan's fingernails this weekend.  They were in desperate need too!  His nails were sporting that little boy, dirt packed hue that totally gross me out.

So, this morning on the drive to school, Ethan threw out this gem.  "Hey mom!  My nails are so smooth!"

Trying to encourage his good hygiene I responded, "I know.  Isn't that nice when your nails have smooth edges?"

I could see his grimace in the rear view mirror when he stated emphatically, "No!" 

"No?"  I questioned.  "Why not?"

"Because if my nails are smooth then there are no sharp points to help me . . . (wait for it) dig out my boogers."

Yes, dear friends.  

By encouraging cleanliness, I apparently have deprived E of one of his favorite pastimes:

booger picking.  

I do not know how I will live with myself.


  1. YUMMY! LOL Kids say the funniest things... I feel so heart broken mine is now a teenager and most of what I get is "whatever". There is just no humor there...

  2. gross!!!! poor ethan. sorry kid. :)

  3. Kids just lay it out there, they're so honest.


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