Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Catch Up


So sorry to have been gone so very long.

Did you miss me?

I certainly have missed all of my bloggy friends.  My past week has been crazy.  Insane crazy, you know.  Crazy more than my normal daily insanity, crazy.  

For instance, I traveled round trip for 8 hours with 3 kids in the car. If you do the math, that equates to 247  Are we there yets?,   approximately 10,000 orange barrels, and 2 cranky parents.  Now, normally my thanksgiving trek is around 6 hours, but backed up traffic and 17 thousand pee breaks makes for a longer journey.  Note to self . . . bring ear plugs next year.

I also woke in the middle of the night to shop my first ever Black Friday!  I woke at 3:30 am threw on some  sweats, made myself some coffee (You didn't think that I would leave the house without coffee did you?  Heaven help those other shoppers if I had!), and I was off.  I was accompanied by one of my more experienced Black Friday shopping girlfriends.  She was waiting on her porch at 4:45 when I arrived.  She had all of the ads and circulars with notated post it notes sticking out here and there.  The girl is one serious shopper.  I am in awe, and naturally, I love, love, love her!

So, after getting almost all (Yes!  I did say all.  You are jealous, aren't you?  It's OK.  I'd be jealous of me too if I didn't know what was coming.)  my shopping completed for Christmas.  I trudged home, ate, napped and got busy with some Christmas decorations.  A pleasant day all in all until the most insane thing happened.


It was bedtime, and I was trying to get Ellerie undressed and then dressed again for bed. (Never an easy feat!)  I pulled Ellerie's shirt over her head, and when I did, she giggled and then she took off running.  Her shirt was over her head and resting on the back of her neck, and  her arms were still in their sleeves and pinned quite tightly to her sides.  As she ran, she turned and looked over her shoulder, and when she did, she slipped on the area rug and fell face first.  Hard!  Her hands and arms were pinned by her silly shirt, and she was unable to catch herself when she went down.  Immediately, she started screaming.

I knew I was in for it, because Ellerie does not scream.  I have seen her fall down a flight of stairs, get up, and say, "I OK Mom!"  The girl is usually indestructible, so when she was inconsolable and continued screaming, I knew she was hurt.

She was.

According to the Emergency Room docs, Ellerie probably has a broken foot or ankle.  Apparently, it is pretty hard to see broken foot bones in a 2 year old's X-rays, but based on their physical exam of El, they are pretty sure that it is broken.

Her appointment with the Orthopedic Doc is tomorrow.

So, this weekend has been full of an angry, hurting  two year old who can not move.  Initially, I thought, "Great!  This will slow her down a bit."

But really, this has slowed me down immensely.

My girl has only wanted to sit on my lap on the sofa.  She is currently there as I type this post.  I am feeling quite trapped by all of this.  I also feel so guilty that this even happened.  Mostly I feel for my baby with her little left leg casted.  She is miserable, and I am too.

So there you have it.  My past week's insanity. 

I'll keep you posted on this week.


  1. I just want to hold YOU and rock you in the rocking chair. Wish I were there.
    Love Mom

  2. Wow, what a weekend you had. I hope your daughter's foot heals quickly. I can't imagine how difficult that has to be for her and you!

    Stopping by from SITS. I like your blog, am now following and looking forward to reading more.

  3. Stopping by from SITS. Your Ellerie sounds like my Chris. Hope you have a better week.

  4. Saw your roll call comment on SITS and had to come give you some comment love now that I have returned to the world of the living and am no longer chained to my laptop writing for National Novel Writing Month! Happy SITS Monday ;-)

    Oh, Sweetie! Your guilt over what happened with Ellerie is very familiar - and so pointless. You were having fun with your little one - neither one of you foresaw what happened. Small children move faster than greased lightning and they do get hurt. Please don't beat yourself up for it. Just give her the TLC she needs and maybe fix it so the rug won't slip like that anymore.

    Darling Daughter is a barnacle on my lap or side whenever she's sick or hurting, too, so I know how confining that feels, as well. Hope the visit with the orthopedist goes okay.


  5. oh no! i can't even imagine alyssa in a cast. poor ellerie. i hope her leg heals soon!


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