Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Sweet Clean Home

We are traveling this Thanksgiving.  My sister in law has graciously offered to host the family, and we quickly accepted!  No cooking.  No washing sheets.  No preparation, really.

So why am I running around the house going crazy?!


I don't like to leave my house dirty when we travel.

I know.  I know.

No one will see it.  It will just sit there, bright and shiny and sparkly for no one to appreciate.  It will exude fresh smells for no one's nose to sniff.  It will be empty . . . but clean.

And frankly, that's what matters.

Because nothing, nothing,  puts me in a foul mood faster than returning home from a trip to a dirty house.  Seriously friends, traveling with 3 kiddies, is stressful enough.  There's the funk that the family is inevitably in because we are out of our routine.  There's the mountain of dirty clothes that follows us home.  There's the sleep deprivation we all experience from sleeping on pull out beds and sofas.  It already is an ugly picture folks.  But if you factor in a dirty house . . .egads!  You may as well just take away my Krispy Kremes, because I wouldn't be as cranky as if I returned home to a mess.  

Home is, well, home.  It is my haven.  My favorite place, really.  And when I am gone, I long for it and all its prettiness that hubby and I have created.  

When I walk in the door, I just want to kick off my shoes, sink into my sofa, and sigh.  That's it.
I don't want to tackle the dishes that were left in the sink or vaccuum up goldfish crumbs that adorn my floor.  I want to just veg and appreciate my home.

So, I will continue to run around like a crazy woman these next few days to clean my house.

It will be worth it when I get home.


  1. I agree! You do feel like you are in a funk when you are not at home and in your routine. I feel that when I travel to my mom's house some weekends. It is nice to come home to a nice clean home, I agree! Have a wonderful time and enjoy your clean hom when you return:)
    Beth (Michigan)

  2. I wish you could bottle that, 'cause I don't come by it naturally...

  3. I am the exact same way and can totally understand why you're running around cleaning.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your sparkling house when you return!

  4. Annie, today was I awarded a cool award and I am passing it long to you. Got to my blog and pick it up when you have the time.
    I wanted to tell you just how much I love reading your posts. You make me smile everytime I stop by. Thank you!!!


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