Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Early Christmas

Recently, I have been scouring the Sunday ads and circulars in the hopes of finding some good deals for Christmas presents. Last Sunday, a store in our area had Star Wars figurines for $3.00 each. Ethan is a complete Star Wars nut, so, I was excited to get such a good deal on something that I knew that he would love. After scouring the store shelves, I found a few of the figurines left waaaaaay in the back, and I purchased three of them. Then, I left the package in my van's stow-n-go area under the seats, well concealed from Ethan's prying eyes.

That is . . . I thought it was well concealed.

But, apparently, it was not.

Because today, while out running errands, Ethan shouted with glee from the back seat.  "Mom!  There are some Star Wars men back here!!  Thank you mom!  Oh thank you!"

And, before I could say anything, he ripped into the packaging and started to play with those men.  Those Christmas presents.  He was so very excited and animated that I just didn't have the heart to tell him that he would have to wait for Christmas.


Happy Early Christmas E . . .   now, I am back to square one with my shopping.  

I guess Santa Claus and I will just have to be a little more clever this Christmas.

Any ideas on hiding places???

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  1. Hiding gifts - Ugh! I am a lucky girl because my in-laws live 4 blocks away:) *sarcasm* I've stored stuff at their house before. I also keep big black trash bags in the car during the holidays so I can sneak things into the garage. It looks like trash. Just make sure your kids are lazy like mine - they never take out the trash!


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