Friday, November 6, 2009

Tooth Fairy? Anyone???

Ethan is a maniac . . . about his teeth, that is.

The kid brushes, flosses, and uses mouthwash twice a day, no fail, with no prompting.  Pretty impressive for a 5 year old!  Even our dentist, Dr. McKay (who Ethan lovingly refers to as Dr. Decay) was amazed at how well he does with his teeth.

That is why I shouldn't have been surprised when Ethan, well, pulled a typical Ethan.

Yesterday, while speaking with the butt-cleavage-displaying drywall man, Ethan said matter of factly, "Hey!  You are missing a few of your teeth!"

I could have crawled under my couch and died amongst the discarded goldfish that have gone belly up.

Fortunately, dry wall man is a very gentlemanly man who has many children and grandchildren.  He handled Ethan's comment with grace and said, "You are right!  I didn't take care of my teeth and that is why you should!"

Ethan, of course, detailed his teeth routine, and then gave drywall man a glowing recommendation for Dr. Decay.

At least he hasn't noticed the man's butt . . . I do not know how that one would have played out!


  1. You just never know what going through their little minds. Good luck with the butt-crack thing :)

  2. You are correct, at least he commented about the smile on his face... and not the one on his backside.

  3. Hysterical! My daughter would have gone for the butt crack. Sigh. Stopping by from SITS! Quite a delightful blog....I need to follow.....



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