Friday, November 13, 2009

Wasting Some Time

My Friday the 13th is starting out to be wonderful.


You couldn't understand me?


It's probably because of my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

There.  That's a bit better. 

Anyway, I have just spent the better part of 20 minutes scrubbing E's right cheek.  After it looked quite red and raw, I asked him the obvious question.  "Ethan, what in the world did you get into that could possibly get you this dirty?  This dirt is not coming off of your cheek!"

He looked at me and answered the typical boy answer, "Nothing mom."

"Nothing?"  I questioned in disbelief.  "Then what is this on your cheek?"

He answered me in his regular, matter of fact, Ethan way.  "Oh.  That's is where I ran into the dining room table yesterday.  I think it's a bruise."

Quickly, he was up and off to play, and I was left wondering why I just spent 20 minutes of my busy morning scrubbing a bruise off of my son's face.

And if that wasn't bad enough, after showering (with both kids in the bathroom talking to me, I might add),  I started to get dressed.  It was only as I was pulling my shirt over my head that I noticed my other morning faux pas.  Yes,  I noticed that I had, in fact, shaved my arm pits.  Unfortunately, I had shaved the right pit twice, and left the other side to continue growing its hairy forest.

Not pretty my friends.  Not pretty.

I am hoping that the rest of the day doesn't bring any broken mirrors or black cats.


  1. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now you KNOW. I have been hearing the story of how I shaved my leg twice for 20 years. It is easy to do. What goes around comes around. It is only the beginning.

  2. I've done that too, but with my legs. I'm such a spaz sometimes (but I blame motherhood).


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