Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Sports Guy

I am married to a sports guy.

You know, a guy that can quote how many yards the Pittsburgh Steelers rushed for in a game  . . . in 1977.  A guy that could tell you who, in any given week, is in the top 4 of the PGA golf tour.  A  guy that will only watch the Super Bowl in the confines of his own house, for fear that at a party, the fans would not be "serious" and he would miss part of the game.

I live with that guy.

Now, while I am not in any way a sports fanatic, I would classify myself as a sports enthusiast.  I enjoy  the passion and competition of a good game, really, in any sport.  I would say that I have a knowledge of the basics of the games, and I could probably, actually name you a few marquee players, but that is where my interest ends.  Honestly,  I would take a sale at Macy's over a Sunday afternoon sporting event without hesitation.  Repeatedly.

So you can imagine some of the situations hubby and I have endured because of our lack of mutual appreciation for sports.  How many couples outside of Wisconsin can claim that their  first date was a Green Bay Packers game?   What couples can say that their wedding was on a golf course (if it hadn't been spoiled by a tornado - but that's another post entirely)? And who else can say that she listened to ESPN radio while laboring in the hospital with her first child?  Who was LITERALLY coached during the pushing phase of childbirth with the phrase, "Come on honey, you know that push wasn't good enough!" And just how many couples have celebrated their wedding  anniversary at the US Open? Finally, what couples go on dates to scout the competition for the next varsity game?  I am betting that the answer to these questions is not many.

People often ask me . . .

How do you live with the sports guy? 
How can you let him coach 2 varsity sports?  
Don't you miss him when he coaches and participates?  
Doesn't it make you crazy?

And the answer to these questions is yes.  It very often does make me crazy and yes, I do miss him, but no, I wouldn't have it any other way.  I knew hubby was a sports guy when I fell in love with him, oh so many years ago.  I was attracted to his passion and competitive nature probably because I could recognize those same qualities about myself, even if they didn't pertain to sports.  Not to mention his sense of humor . . . my sports guy is wickedly funny, and he always knows just how to make me laugh.  So a marriage based in humor, passion, and a love of competition has made for a great almost 9 years.  Not too bad in my estimation.

Simply put, when hubby wears his sports guy hat, he is blissfully happy.  And, who wouldn't want for the one they loved to be happy?

So, even though my hubby had to leave the hospital shortly after the birth of our third child to coach both his football and his basketball team (thanks El. for not arriving on a Friday night!),  I wasn't upset.  Sports are who he is, and I love who he is.  He is perfect.

And, lest you think that I do all of the compromising, you should know that hubby has trudged through flea markets, outlet malls, and antique shops just to be with me.  He doesn't know the difference between a Coach or a Kate Spade, but he knows that when I smile, he is golden. 

Happy Valentine's Day, honey.  

I look forward to dinner and scouting on Saturday night.

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