Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Morning Routine

I believe that I have perfected the early morning school drop off.  This is momentous as it is only February, and I figured it would take me at least one full school year to get in the groove of being functional at 8 am. (Have I mentioned that I am absolutely not a morning person??)

Anyway, this morning routine is not done without help, however. ( Special thanks goes to my hubby, Paulie for humoring me and my crazy ways.)  First, before I wake up, hubby wakes up and MAKES MY COFFEE.  This is essential, because , quite frankly, I am not even functional to measure my own grounds in the morning.  Then, while I am still snoozing, hubby cleans the kitchen,  makes the kiddies breakfast, and wakes them up.  (If you haven't figured it out yet, hubby is a saint, that I do not thank enough.)

You may wonder, "What, dear Annie, do you do if he is doing all of the essentials?"

At this point in the morning, I have done nothing, which is about all I can handle.  Finally, I drag my body down the stairs where hubby is waiting with a blanket and  my coffee in hand.  With a kiss and and a "Good Luck!"  hubby leaves me, and I am on my own. My first thought - warm up the car!  Quickly, I run outside in my pjs and slippers, dodging patches of ice, and my  neighbors' stares as they leave for work, and I start my car.  Just as quickly, I run back inside to tackle the rest of the morning.

So, after downing my first cup of joe, I hustle kiddies into their clothes.  Many a day, socks have been unmatched, and at times, underwear have been forgone.  My philosophy . . . who cares?  No one sees those particular pieces of clothing.  They can slide.  Teeth are brushed, hair . . . well, let's just say that I have delegated that chore, and both my 7 and 4 year old are responsible for their own tresses.  Easy enough for a boy with a military do, but not so easy with a girl whose locks resembles Gene Wilder's mane, on a good day.  No matter!  I say, let them take responsibility! Let them take ownership! (Translated: I am slack-ass and it is one less thing for me to do.)

While the kiddies are donning all of their winter gear, I dash up the stairs to get myself dressed.  Now, here is one of my last brilliant steps.  I do not remove my pajamas.  Instead, I take one of my exercise warm ups, and then put it directly over my sleep attire.  So technically, I am dressed, but I am also  still in my pjs.  Semantics, I know, but there is just something about it.  It is a mindset, I suppose.  I feel like,  if I have to be up in the real world than at least I can do it on my terms.   I am still deliciously cozy, and I feel like I am keeping a juicy secret.  Frankly, what mom wouldn't want to stay in her pjs as long as possible?

Finally, I load the kiddies up into a WARM car.  (yeah, I know . . . I am contributing to  global warming . . . but when it is 7 degrees . . . I can not sit in a frigid car.  Blame it on my Florida upbringing.  I'll recycle more and hope it will even out in the end. ) As my seat heater warms up my pj covered fanny, I can smile and know that  I have survived another crazy morning.

It's the little things that make my day.  Coffee, wearing pjs, and a heated seat.  That's not too much to ask, is it?


  1. looks like you have been! Looks great, very pretty.

    Oh, and by the way-her hair doesn't even come close to Gene's!

  2. You NEVER were a morning person and have always been great at rationalization. I admire your stamina and energy but most of all I admire you. Mom

    What does select a profile mean?


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