Friday, February 27, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

There should be a Cell Phone Free Day.

I mean if there can be day's for grandparents, sweethearts, secretaries, etc.  Why not one more for the heck of it?

The Cell Phone Free Day hit me last week while in Florida.  Now, it wasn't the fact that I had overheard a should-have-been private cell phone conversation while in the grocery store. (Let's just say that the melons that the lady was speaking of were not cantaloupe or honey dews.)  And, it wasn't the fact that I could not hear my children ask me a question at the airport, because I was too engrossed in a businessman's conversation about how he was pulling in 15 g's a month. (15 thousand?  Had to be illegal . . . or at least immoral.) 

My idea for Cell Phone Free Day came to be the evening that I went out with a dear girlfriend I hadn't seen in years.  When she picked me up at my mom's house, she looked as young andas  beautiful as ever.  (She has no children yet, so consequently, the youth has not been sucked out of her.) In preparation for my evening out,  I pulled myself together, which meant that I had brushed my teeth and matched my shoes.  Within moments of her arrival, we hugged the sorority girl hug of yore, you know, with  big arms and kisses and exclamations of "Oh!  You look soooooo good!"  and with kisses to the babes and grandparents, off we went.

There was no uncomfortable silence as we gabbed about family, work, and just tidbits about life in general.  We actually sat at the bar, like grown ups, ordered drinks, and leisurely caught up with each other.  There was nary a kid menu, crayon, or high chair in sight.  What can I say? It was blissfully relaxing, and obviously, a much needed time-out for this harried mom.

It was only after we were leaving, 3 hours later, that I realized my mother had tried to call me earlier.  Apparently, I had no cell phone reception, and my phone did not ring.  Consequently, I did not receive the call saying, "The natives are restless!"  with Ellerie screeching in the background.  (Translation  - I am at my wits end, Annie.  Get your ass home!)  

And you know what? This time the saying was true.  Ignorance WAS bliss.  I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself, and feel like  . . . Annie,  . . . not Mommy, or wifey, or teacher even.  It was great, and when I returned to mom's house, I was greeted with 10,000 warm and wet kiddie kisses, strangling hugs, and an overabundance of love.  They had survived and not given the grandparents a heart attack, and  I had flourished with some adult time. 

All because my cell phone had no reception.


So even if Cell Phone Free Day never comes to pass, I will make my own cell phone free zones from time to time.  I will turn off my phone and not worry.

If only for a few hours . . .

(Note to M. - Thanks so much for the time away!  I needed it.  Hope to see you real soon!)


  1. A-
    I agree with your cell phone free idea. Time with girlfriends is priceless and helps bring you back to, well you!! Glad you and M had fun!! Also glad you are home happy and safe! (Travel with 3 is an adventure!!)

  2. Very cute, Annie. I like your blog! LeeAnn Dunn McCaig


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