Sunday, February 8, 2009

He is ALIVE!

Can I get a Hallelujah?

He is risen and we rejoice!  

Mr. Coffee is alive!!

On Friday morning when Mr. Coffee slowly perked out 2 cups of muddy coffee after nearly 2 hours of mightily struggling to brew, hubby and I thought that he was a goner.  It saddened us for several reasons.  First and foremost, hubby and I are coffee lovers.  Mr. Coffee had provided us delicious smells to wake up to as well as a cup of comforting joe on many a bitterly cold morning.  It was going to be hard to say goodbye.  Secondly,  this particular Mr. Coffee had 2 separate carafes so that each of us could have our own distinct blend ready for us every morning, and  . . . neither of us had to share. If you are married, you know that this is a HUGE deal, because while it is always nice to talk of compromise in marriage, it is not always easy to be the one to give in, especially when it comes to preferred taste in coffee brewing.  That is why having 2 carafes was sooooo important!  No compromise!  No sharing! Just a hot pot of morning wake me up for each of us, alone.  (I have heard that some people say the secret to a great marriage is having separate bathrooms.  While I would love another bathroom for just little old me, I tend to think that the secret to a great marriage is having a good morning , which begins with separate coffee pots!)

So, we spent a good chunk of Saturday trying to find a store that sold our exact Mr. Coffee model.  Hubby googled while I ebayed, and after much searching, we found out some very disturbing news.  There were no more Mr. Coffee's like our own beloved.  Our model was out of stock and discontinued.  Frustrated, we pondered our options. Neither of us liked the idea of going back to one pot, but we didn't want 2 separate coffee makers sitting on the counter either.

Hubby finally figured out a solution.  (He must hate to share more than me!)  We took our chances with repair.  Apparently, Mr. Coffee needed a form of angioplasty, and if successful, he could be as good as new.  We paced through his procedures, wringing our hands and murmuring prayers.  He spit, gurgled, and screamed as he rallied through his surgery.   Finally, it was done, and . . . I am proud to announce that after much white vinegar (and a house that smells like we just dyed 5 dozen easter eggs)  Mr. Coffee lives again!  He has returned to brew for yet another day.

I can't wait for tomorrow morning! 

 I hate to share.

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