Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Generous Thanks

Dear Delta Airlines,

Thank you so much for my most recent trip to Florida.

My first thank you goes out to the check in agent. She was so very cheerful as she tickety tapped her computer keys. The "How many to check in?" and the "Did you try the self service kiosk?" she threw at me and my kids without glancing up from her screen were such welcoming comments. I knew right then why I chose Delta to fly the friendly skies.

After explaining that yes, I did attempt the self service kiosk and was redirected to her desk, she began the business of checking us in and issuing tickets. I will admit that it was not pleasant to hear that our plane was delayed, but your agent delivered the news with such grace when she pointed out that, "You have your hands full with 3 kids today." Up until that very moment I was unaware that all 3 kids were still, in fact, with me to travel, so, I really appreciated her attention to detail. Without it, I may not have realized how hard it would be to travel with 3 children under the age of seven. Clearly without her keen observation, I may have had a "Home Alone" situation on my hands. I may have actually left Larry, Moe or Curly behind.

Next, thanks goes out to your gate agent. She too had superior observation skills when she observed, "Wow. You have an Atlanta connection . . . with three kids . . ." Again, kudos to your staff! She made me double check that I did in fact, have my original three, and that I did not lose them or exchange them somewhere during the security checkpoint. They do after all make each child, including my one year old, walk through the gigantic x-ray machine by themselves, barefoot. It's a good thing too. I think that my littlest one may have been carrying a bomb in her diaper, judging by her distinct aroma. And, when I questioned your gate agent about my quick turn around in Atlanta, she was so positive when she stated, "You'll make your connection, if you hoof it!" My hopes were buoyed by her faith in me. After all, if she thought that I could make it though 3 terminals and countless gates in a mere 31 minutes with three children, a stroller, a carry on and a diaper bag, than by god, . . .I could do it! It was very reassuring.

Imagine my dismay, when I landed in Atlanta with the aforementioned 31 minutes to get to my next flight, but because of a "traffic jam", I did not disembark from my plane for an additional 20 minutes. Now, because I have superior math skills, I was able to figure out that that left me with just 11 minutes to get to my next gate. No matter! Grabbing the kiddies, I explained our "adventure" and we took off running. Amid shouts of "Wow mom! This is fun!" we traveled like pinballs through the terminal, bouncing off various other travelers and workers. I breathed a sigh of relief when we arrived at the appropriate gate.

Unfortunately, the plane had left without us.

The Atlanta gate agent informed me, "It's OK. You have a confirmed reservation on the next flight at 4:10. "

"Wow! Do the computers do that automatically?" I reveled. In my mind it was just another positive thing that Delta does for you.

The gate agent answered calmly, "No. It looks like the gate agent in Ohio knew that you were going to miss your connection so they booked you on the next flight."

Now I realize that your Delta gate agent could have rescheduled me on a later direct flight from Ohio to Florida when I originally questioned her about my Atlanta connection, but really, how thoughtful of her to give me and my children such a wonderful adventure. Clearly she was looking out for the customer, when she advised me to "hoof it". She probably realized that I needed a little extra exercise after eating that brownie sundae last night, and she was just providing me the means to do so.

I suppose that is why your motto is . . .

  customer service is our priority.

Thanks again.



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  1. Ahh...but you made it safe and sound and a few calories burned along the way! Now you will feel great in that new suit! Have a great vacation and ENJOY THE SUNSHINE!!!


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