Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Being grateful

El has not taken a nap today.

Consequently . . .
-I did not brush my teeth until 11:30 am.
-The same load of laundry is in the washing machine, probably developing a musty aroma from steeping so long.
-The toilet brush is still sticking out of the toilet.  Sidetracked from my toilet duties, I swooped to the rescue as El tried to use the living room curtains in a Tarzan-like manner. (I only remembered that the toilet brush was still there because my son yelled, "Hey mom, what's this?" from the bathroom as he peed into the toilet with the protruding brush.)
- Dinner is not made. (Surprise!)
- There are goldfish crackers swimming on my living room carpet.  They do not look as happy or as amused as they do in their commercials.
-My cat bit my ankle as I walked by . . . probably trying to remind me to feed him.  He was my first baby, but he has fallen from his top spot on the totem pole, displaced by Larry, Moe and Curly, my kids.  
-I had only one hoop earring in the entire day.  This would not be such a big deal if I had not gone to 3 different schools, the bank, the doctor's office and the gas station.  At least missing an earring is not as bad as the day that I put in two different colored contacts.  One blue eye and one brown eye . . . at least I didn't have to look at myself.

El did not take a nap today.

Consequently . . .
-E and I played the Wii, and I got a bronze medal.
-I ate macaroni and cheese with a serving spoon, out of the pan.
-I surprised Ab and picked her up after lunch.  We had a girls afternoon (after the doctor's). We slurped a vanilla milkshake and dipped our french fries into it.  Ab said, "How did you ever think of this mom?"  Like I was a rock star or something for thinking of dipping fries into ice cream.  I basked in the mom adoration.
-The kiddies created Valentines with glitter, glue and construction paper.  They gave me their first one, a big gluey, sparkly mess, and it made my day.
-E. blew on El's belly until she was overcome with giggles.  Her curls bounced as her head shook up and down.  

It was not the day that I planned, but  . . .

any day where you can play, dodge housework, and eat loads of junk food is a good day in my book.  

I am grateful.

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