Thursday, February 26, 2009

While I was gone . . .

While I was gone . . .

-All of my laundry was done by my fabulous hubby.
-The basement remodel from hell became one step closer to being finished.  My guy installed all of the flooring but the trim work.  What a super surprise!
-  Sammy the cat survived being alone with Paul.  Paul actually fed him daily, and  . . . he did not give him away.  Hooray!  I did not have to tell the kiddies the story about the cat that went to the farm.
- Green spouts have appeared in my garden.  I think that they are tulips, but I am horticulturally challenged.  They may just be super weeds getting a jump on summer.

While I was gone . . .

- Clean laundry multiplied into teetering Jenga-like piles on my bed.  Yes, hubby did the laundry, but, he did not put any of it away.  Welcome home to me!
-  The mail and bills multiplied too.  Apparently, men do not feel the need to open mail . . . even if it is addressed to them.  I find this fascinating because women feel the need to open mail immediately, even if it is not addressed to them.  What can I say, it is a primal urge we feel to be nosy.  Accept it.  Move on.
-  Sammy is alive, but he is rank.  Sometime while I was gone, a boycott was placed on the cat litter changing duties.  Consequently, Sammy was wallowing in his own aromas.  Not pleasant!
Hubby and I both hate litter patrol.  We have even gone so far as to use Sammy duty as a bet when playing games together.  You would not believe the competition a little poop creates.

While I was gone . . .

- I missed my morning coffee and routine.  Coffee at mom's just didn't taste the same, especially when I had to make it for myself.
- I missed the lingering smell of my hubby's cologne in the bathroom after he has left for work.  What can I say?  He smells good.  
- I missed our family outings to the local chicken wing joint where kiddies eat free and play videos, and parents get to enjoy some beer, conversation, sports, and fatty food.  What's not to love??
-  I missed my old, creaky, in various stages of remodel house.  I missed stepping over make-shift gates we placed in strategic places to hold Ellerie in (or out).  I missed my kitchen where you can be injured if someone opens the basement door while you are searching through the refrigerator ( a handy diet tactic!). And, I missed the feeling of a home that was built in 1926 and has grown many families since then.  My house has a definite personality, and it is a good thing that I like it.  I remember Poltergeist.  I do not want to sport a 2 inch wide gray streak in my hair  because I do not respect my house.  I respect my home and appreciate its character.

While I was gone . . . I missed home.

I am glad to be back.

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