Friday, February 6, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

Of course, I spoke too soon yesterday.

This morning hubby had to go into work early.  Pause.  You would think, "So what?  She should be able to handle that. "  Yes, I agree.  I should be able to do the morning routine once in a while.  But, alas, Murphy's Law was in full effect this morning, so not only did I not have my hubby, I also had to deal with the following:

1.  Being pissed on. Literally.  My pjs were soaked from El's leaky diaper, and I could not remain in them like I like to do (see yesterday's post).     
2.  Burning breakfast.  Completely.  My bright idea about popping in cinnamon rolls for a yummy, easy breakfast backfired when I forgot to put on the oven timer.  Consequently, by my estimations, the rolls baked for 32 minutes instead of the customary 15.  I was not comforted by Ab, my 7 year old, patting me on the back and stating, "Just keep trying mom!"  
3. Having no coffee after 45 minutes.  None. It's official.  My coffee pot is dying.  Even now as I write this, it is still attempting to brew the last 4 cups of water and it has been on for 1 hour and 51 minutes.  I think that Mr. Coffee has given up in the face of my constant morning demands and succumbed to the light.  I wish him well.  He was a good friend.

So, yes, this morning was challenging, but I survived.  Barely.  It just makes me wonder, "Who was Murphy and why did he make such a negative law?"  Why not- when anything right and good can happen, it will?  That would be my law-  Where chocolate would appear on my pillow each evening before bed and the scale would say, "Congratulations!  You are at your ideal weight!"  Where my husband would always be around for poopy diaper changes and ovens would turn off when they sensed that the food inside was burning.

Aaaah dreams!  They sustain.

At least my seat heater in my car worked this morning!

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  1. When you find that scale, buy in bulk! And I want the second one!


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