Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me! 9/14

After the insanity of Ellerie and the epi-pen last week, kitchen remodeling, and hubby's football schedule, I am pooped.

And it's Monday.

Not a good combination.

I need a real coffee ( Did I mention that hubby broke the coffee pot?  I loved, loved, loved that coffee pot.  I am currently in mourning sipping my instant coffee.  Yuck!), a dose of therapy, and maybe a chocolate donut or four to get me through.

Onto my Not Me! therapy . . .

It is not me that is wearing a pair of noticeably crooked glasses.  I would care about my appearance and realize that my outside reflects my inside.  No way would I wear a pair of glasses that Ellerie twisted.  When she popped the left lens out of the frame, I would have headed straight to the optometrist's office for a new pair.  No way would I be so cheap as to try to manipulate the lens back into the frame and twist the frame back into submission so as to gain a few more months with glasses that make me look like one of my eyebrows is permanently raised.

It is not me that  has dried macaroni and cheese, two dried green beans, and shriveled apple pieces on my dining room area rug from yesterday's meals.  I would have trudged through my tiredness and clean up that mess no matter what.  I would not have chose to snuggle with my kiddies before their bedtime instead of cleaning up the mess.

And, it was certainly not me that redirected Ellerie and her smelly diaper toward hubby instead of changing it myself.  Ridiculous!

It was also not me that consumed mounds of cheese, loads of salt, and enormous portions of chocolate this weekend in order to manage my stress.

Consequently, it couldn't be me that is as bloated as say . . . a house this morning.  I certainly didn't have to opt to wear my fat pants to bring the kiddies to school.  Nope! Not me!

So there you have it.

It's Monday.  I am drinking instant coffee, wearing broken glasses and donning fat pants.

Pretty picture?  No?!

I hope this is not foreshadowing for my week to come.

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  1. I love the comments about the dried mac and cheese and greenbeans. There have been several mornings, I've had to clean my Madi's highchair because I was too tired the night before to actually clean the veggies while they were soft and not dried and attached to the chair.

  2. Funny....the dried mac & cheese and greenbeans ..... foreshadowing of college micro waves many years later.


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