Friday, September 25, 2009

More Than Words . . .

Things that I have said (that I never thought I would have to say):

Don't play with your penis.

Pee- pees are private.  Please go put on your underwear. 

What do you mean you do not have on underwear?

Feet don't eat.  Get your feet off the table.

Boogers are made of dirt.  Do you seriously want to eat dirt?

Hold it in!  Hold it in!  Don't get sick at the table!

Did you wipe your butt well?

Did you wash your hands?

Are you sure?


Mommy needs a dose of caffeine.  Please, let mommy get some coffee.

I am not sleeping.  I am resting my eyes.

Aren't you tired?  How is it possible that you guys are not tired?

Did you boy look or did you girl look for that?


Did you move the milk before you asked me where it is?

Hmm.  I thought so.

Sniff her butt.  Does she stink?

Is that poopie or chocolate?   Mmmmm.  Chocolate.

Ellerie!  That is not a slide!  That is a bannister!

Do I have to be Darth Vader again?

No, it isn't a step monster it is a step- mother.  There is a difference.

Tinkerella?  Oh!  You mean Tinkerbell!

Where are your clothes?

Why are you naked, outside, on the swing?

Is that another outfit today?

Sniff the laundry.  It may not be that dirty.

No, you are a mo mo!

The tickle monster is coming to get you!!!

Snuggle closer.  I am cold!

I love you as many leaves are on the trees on the way to school.

More kisses please!

My heart hurts, I love you so much!

And all of these . . . just in the past week.  My family is the best.

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