Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Fall

It's fall!
I love everything about fall.   The colorful crunchy leaves, the crisp evenings that require an extra blanket on my bed, and of course, all the yummy soups and stews that comfort me on a cool day make fall a particularly lovely time of the year.  If I could just adjust to getting up and moving in the dark, all would be well in my world.  Well, not all.  (Ellerie is still potty training.)  But, a lot would be well.

Alas, I digress.

So, in order to spruce up my front entry, I devised a pumpkin house number.  Now, I can not take all of the credit for this.  I spied one of these adorable pumpkin house numbers on another friend's porch, and then I brazenly copied it, and added my own twist.  (Please forgive the picture quality.  I used my cell.)

This was seriously simple, and cheap.  Two fabulous qualities for an Annie craft.   I used three styrofoam  pumpkins that I got on after Halloween clearance last year.  I painted my house numbers on the front and then used a wooden dowel (is that the right word??) to put them one on top of another. ( Currently, they are listing a little to the right, so today I may tweak the dowel rod a bit to make it a bit more stable. ) The flowers are from stems that I purchased at the Dollar Store.  I took the blooms and leaves apart, rearranged them  and then stuck them into some floral foam. Finally, I placed them all into the ceramic witch's feet and pumpkin that I bought at Target for 90% off last year.  The result?


And festive.

I lovelove, love it.

What do you think?

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  1. Cute Idea! I like the topiary effect and I LOVE pumpkins and Fall!

  2. Very cool. I have done this the past 3 years but mine are carved out then I have rope lights inside so they shine at night. I love them sitting in the witches feet..mine are in an urn..but that looks like an easier way to keep them standing.

  3. I am homesick.
    I like the listing Annie.
    Love Mom

  4. I love, love, love it too!! Very cute. And I totally thought those pumpkins were the real thing!



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