Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There is Tall Man

Dear Crazy Man in the Blue Sedan,

Thank you so much for speeding by my van today.  I particularly like how you hung out the window with your middle finger extended.  I can definitely say it sparked an interesting discussion in our car.

For instance,  my lovely little five year old boy wondered why you were so angry while singing the  Where is Thumbkin?  song.  And, rightfully so.  How could you be so angry when you obviously were singing about the Tall Man?  We concluded that you were probably  just emphasizing your love for the song.

Why else would you extend your middle finger like that?



P.S. Because of your generous spirit, I was treated to Where is Thumbkin? approximately 27 times later this afternoon.  So, thanks once again!

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  1. Thanks for the good laugh to start off the day. Hope that song is out of your head by now.


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