Monday, September 7, 2009

You Want a Nipple?

It started off as a normal request.

"Mom?  Can I have some chocolate?"  Ethan asked.

Looking at the clock and thinking about his impending bedtime, I answered, "Nope.  Not tonight buddy.  I don't want you wild and crazy at bedtime."

He instantly frowned, but then switched to a new tactic.  "Well, OK, " he agreed. "But what about just a nipple?"

"A what?"  I immediately replied.

"You know mom,"  he exaggerated as if he was stating the obvious, " . . . a nipple."

As I choked on my laugh, my mind referenced the Seinfeld episode where Elaine inadvertently sent out Christmas card pictures where she exposed her nipple.  Surely, Ethan was not, in fact, referring to an actual nipple, on an actual breast?  What did that have to do with chocolate (except maybe on a wild night in the confines of your bedroom)? 

"E?  Mommy doesn't know exactly what you mean, so could you show me?"  I handed him a bit of a Hershey bar and watched for his reaction.

He grabbed the piece, said, "Sure Mom!" and then very carefully took the teeniest, tiniest bite of the edge.  A nibble, if you will.

I laughed, relieved that he wasn't talking about a nipple.  

I am sooooo not ready for that conversation.  But, I will have to clear up the nipple/ nibble controversy before he starts school tomorrow.

That would be an interesting note home.

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  1. Hahahaha!! My nephew was looking through the pantry one afternoon, in search of a snack. I said, "Pick anything you want." He looked for a few minutes, and finally said, "I'll have some cheese nipples!"

    I said, "Some what???"

    I knew what he meant when I turned and saw the Cheese Nips. ;-)

    I love kids!



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