Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My New Vitamin

My allergies are a mess so yesterday (and today) I took a Sudafed for some relief.  And, while I feel markedly better, I have noticed something else.

I have zero appetite.

This is not normal.  Normally, I am always hungry, and I truly  love, love, love to eat. (See my earlier posts on pancakes, krispy kremes,  dove chocolates and bacon if you don't believe me!)

So, I was wondering . . . does my Sudafed suppress my appetite?

If that's the case . . .

it may become my new multivitamin!*

Tee hee!

(****And before you all start worrying about me hopped up on Sudafed, please know that I was only kidding!  I only take a Sudafed when my allergy suffering is severe.  Typically, I do not like to take pills of any kind.  In fact, my last box of Sudafed lasted me almost 3 years until I noticed that I would have to dispose of it because it was past its expiration.  So, mom, quit worrying.  All is OK!)

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