Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Hubby still was busy with the rubik's cube last night.  While his method is supposed to be a mathematical certainty, it is not a certainty that he will solve the thing.  It is a certainty, however, that the rest of the family is enamored of this quest, and we wait eagerly to see his success (or defeat).

Me and my flabulous arms will be at the gym this morning.  Am I feeling vain?  Yes!  Have I been spurred to action?  Yes!  Will I still have flabby triceps?  Probably!  It's in my genes. (Thanks mom and mom mom!)  Will I attempt to overcome the said genes?  Absolutely!  


I have no voice.  When I went to speak to hubby this morning, all that came out of my mouth was a garbled and hushed, "Good morning."  And while I am am not thrilled about this new development, the glint in hubby's eyes lead me to believe that he is thrilled about the prospect of a few days of quiet.   My current raspiness is complements of all of the beautiful blooming vegetation in my world.  While I appreciate the gorgeousness of newly sprouted leaves on trees, I do not appreciate the accompanying pollen that poisons my lungs.  The air conditioning will be going on in my house today, so that I can breathe. (and perhaps talk?!)


I have no food in my house.  Breakfast for the kiddies was dry cereal crumbs and a smile, and you know what that means.  I have to do my most dreaded chore as a mom.  I have to go to the grocery store with the kiddies this morning.  Pray for me.  I need all of the help that I can get to survive.

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