Saturday, June 13, 2009

Play Time: Ethan Style

E is usually a good sport.

When his sisters are getting down and dirty and setting up a mean game of house, he usually is game, and he agrees to be the dad or the brother or even Mr. Incredible (in order to save them from evildoers in our basement, I suppose).  There have been times when he even agrees to be
 the grandmom or the sister, complete with pretty frock, matching shoes, and earrings from the Pretty Pretty Princess game.  

Like I said, usually he is compliant and just happy to be a part of the action.

But, after the third rainy day in a row this week, when Ab and El were content to play house and Barbies and babies in a makeshift tent under my dining room table,

 . . .apparently E had had enough, because, this is what I found.

A casualty of war, no doubt, and definitely a sign that my boy was ready to be, well, a boy.  He was done with the girly play, so he did the only thing that he could do.

He took apart poor Troy Bolton (of High School Musical fame).  According to him,  he wanted to see how the legs worked.

So, even though poor Troy is now handicapped, maybe the girls can have him join a wheelchair basketball team and lead the Wildcats to victory once more.

And as for Ethan, maybe he will become a doctor.  

Here's hoping.

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