Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Scratch an Itch

Today is Ab's last day of school.

That means that summer is officially here, and how do we herald its arrival?

With a nice, big, red and angry rash all over E.

(A little hard to see, but I am an amateur at this photography thing.)

I may tape his hands to his sides to stop his scratching.

I may also need a margarita later.  


Later, I made E soak in an oatmeal bath to stop his itchiness.

After stewing a bit, E asked, "Mom, when I am done with this bath, can you bring me a spoon so I can eat the oatmeal water?"  

Visions of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer installed a garbage disposal in his shower in order to eat and bathe at the same time flew through my head, and I answered, "No E!  You can't eat the oatmeal once you bathe in it.  Yuck!" 

And before I could go on to explain the nastiness of dirty bath water, E innocently asked, "But, why?" 

It was then that I determined that I am probably raising the next Cosmo Kramer.   I wonder if his mother ever pulled her hair out?


After a consult with the pediatrician, the diagnosis is . . . 

E is probably allergic to something in the bug spray I hosed him down with on Monday evening. Now, he is officially allergic to sunscreen chemicals and bug spray.  

So, if you are accosted this summer by a sunburned and red-welted five year old, you know that you have met Ethan.

You have fair warning.

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