Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me June 29th

Well, just because I am on vacation, does not mean that I do not have some secret divulging to do.  My sanity has definitely been tested this week, and I am readily willing to gain a little free therapy.  So, being that it is Monday, I will follow in the MckMama tradition of posting a Not Me! Monday post.  

On to the craziness . . .

It was not me that considered giving El benadryl to make her sleep for a portion of my 11 hour solo car ride.

It was also not me that decided that drugging my child was not a good decision, despite the beneficial side effects that it might provide.

It was not me that forgot to pack E underwear for our hotel stay.

Clearly, it was also not me that convinced him that not only was it OK to go commando, it was a healthy thing to do once in awhile.  It was also not me that cringed when E then said to the clerk at the fast food chain that he was being healthy . . . he wasn't wearing any underwear.

It was not me that dragged two twin mattresses into my vacation bedroom so my kiddies were not scared to sleep so far away in a new and unfamiliar place.  I would know that the kiddies would survive just down the hall without me.  I would never resort to such manual labor in the name of peaceful uninterrupted sleep.  Ridiculous!

It was also not me that almost lost her bathing suit top as I ran down the beach to rescue a run away float.  I would make sure that the old girls were secured high and tight before attempting a sprint.  That would be the logical thing to do, of course.


Much better.

On to this week's vacation insanity . . .

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