Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stir Fry for Insanity Today

For today's reading pleasure, I have Tracie, from Stir Fry Awesomeness. (Is that a great blog name, or what?) She is one funny lady that blogs about anything and everything with snark, sarcasm, and humor. Needless, to say, I love, love, love her. And on a side note, sometimes Tracie's language is a little colorful, but I think that that just makes her all the more delicious!


Have you ever been listening to someone yammer on so long that you get kicked out of your Happy Place for loitering?

Ever find yourself nodding your head and throwing in pithy encouragers - “Really?” “Umm. Hmm.” “I can’t believe it!”- because you have no idea what they are saying?

Do you know anyone who always has whacky stuff happen to her but she can’t tell anyone because it's too crazy or embarrassing?

Have you been cornered by a new mom who can’t shut up about her baby’s latest accomplishments. (Usually something like looking at his hand or making extra adorable poops.)

Friends, these people need to Get A Blog.

To my long suffering husband who needs to tell his side of the story and commiserate with like-minded sports fanatics and beer drinkers.

Get A Blog!

To my friend with the douchecanoe husband who has been cheating on her for 10 + years. Your stories would guarantee outrage and comment frenzy. If you don’t blog about him I will.

Get A Blog!

To my FB “friend” (I’m using quotes here because I only have a vague idea as to who this person is IRL.) who is infinitely amused by his own humor and has to post a new status update/promo for his book every 15 minutes. Some people might actually enjoy your bad puns and over use of exclamation points.

Get A Blog!

To my friend who loves to cook and goes into detail about every gourmet creation. Yes, you are wonderful. I’m on a diet.

Get A Blog!

To my MIL who is so involved in her favorite grandchild’s life (not my kids, of course) that she has to brag to the rest of the family about each hockey goal/soccer game/report card/nocturnal emission. I tuned you out 11 years ago.

Get A Blog!

Do you know anyone that needs to Get A Blog?

Now go Get A Blog and visit Tracie!


  1. This is really funny. I am sure that as I go through my day I will be mentally telling people to get a Blog!
    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. This is really funny!
    And I totally know a gal who updates her status every 15 mins.

  3. Oooh I have one of those facebook status over-updaters. In fact I have about three of them. I wish they would get blogs! =)

  4. oh gee...I already have a blog. Let's just hope that I am never signaled out on yours! LOL!


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