Thursday, May 20, 2010

He Rubs Me the Wrong Way

The last few days I have been feeling pretty crappy, so hubs decided to cheer me up with a joke.
He opened his laptop and proceeded with the following (of which, I am sure that I am butchering, but, bear with me . . .)

A boy asked his mother, "Why is my big sister named MoonChild?"
The mother said, "Because she was conceived when the first man landed on the moon."

I chuckled, and hubs continued to read.

The son continued, "Why is my other sister named CornFlower?"
The mother said, "Because she was conceived in a corn field."

I smiled again. I could see where this was going. Hubby continued the joke from his laptop.

"Why is big brother named ThunderingStorm?" he asked. She replied, "Because he was made during a storm."

He paused, and I waited expectantly for the punchline. Hubs smiled and delivered the one liner.

The mother continued, "Why are you so curious Tom Rubber?"

Hubby laughed out loud and looked over at me for my reaction.

"Hon? Are you sure it's Tom Rubber? Isn't it supposed to be Torn Rubber?" I questioned.

Instantly, hubs rubbed his eyes, squinted at the screen, and then turned red. "Yep. Torn Rubber."

Then we looked at each other and burst out laughing. When we finally caught our breath, I asked him, "Doesn't Torn Rubber make more sense? Tom Rubber isn't even funny."

Hubby just chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. Which leads me to two thoughts. One, hubby muffed the line on purpose to make me laugh because he knew that I was feeling crappy. Or two, (which is clearly the more likely answer) hubs screwed up the punch line because we are getting old and he couldn't see it, but he still laughed because it had the word rubber in it.

After all, boys will be boys.


  1. It's TWO, TWO, TWO jokes in one!!

  2. lol bless his heart he tried but at least yall got a laugh out of it

  3. Ahhhh====what a sweetheart.....cute story....

  4. Too funny! I think I've heard that torn rubber joke before. Hope you are feeling better!

  5. That is hilarious. Both the joke and your hubby's blunder. I am LOL in my cubicle. That is fun...knee!


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