Monday, March 22, 2010

Lyrically Speaking

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If you catch me at a stoplight, I am usually doing one of two things.

1. Checking my rearview mirror to make sure that Ellerie is still in her seat.


2. Singing to the radio at the top of my lungs, much to the chagrin of my children and probably my fellow drivers with their windows down.

So, I was singing along the other day, when a new song popped on the radio, it was by a person or group named Young Life. I didn't catch the title, but one of the catchy lyrics made me laugh out loud. It was, "Call me Mr. Flintstone, cause I will make your Bed- Rock!!"


I am not kidding.

After enjoying the laugh, I quickly changed the station to avoid another birds and bees conversation. But, then I got to thinking . . . are the kids really listening to the lyrics? Because, truth be told, when I was their age, I certainly wasn't.

If I had listened to the lyrics, I probably would have been a bit embarrassed when 80's band Frankie Goes to Hollywood sang, Relax . . . Don't Do It, When You Wanna Come. I was already married to my husband when he clued me in to the fact that they were talking about sex and orgasm. Who knew? Apparently, everyone but me!

Or what about when Madonna's Like a Virgin debuted? I remember I was in the fifth grade, and my mom had a very stern discussion with me and my sister about how we were not to sing or talk about that song when grandmom came to visit. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why, especially since I knew that grandmom was super religious and prayed to the Virgin Mary all of the time. I figured, why would she care if we sang about being like the Virgin Mary? I did wonder, though, why Madonna rolled all over the floor in lingerie. And, just why did she have that big cat in the video, hmmmm?


I know.


I was a little more with it when the 90's song, I Touch Myself was released. I figured out all by myself that it was a tribute to being master of your domain. What I couldn't figure out was why a girl was singing it. Of course, I figured that only boys took part in that kind of self pleasure. Truthfully, I am pretty sure that I didn't even know that women could be masters of their domains.

I know.

I know.

I obviously had a wealth of sexual education knowledge.

After re-reading this, I am amazed that I ever even got pregnant. At least I knew that it took more than running into one another in the dark, naked.

So . . . give it up . . . what lyrics were you clueless about when you were growing up??? Or were you so savy that you were the one explaining it to kids like me?


  1. Apparently I am STILL clueless b/c when I read about that song "Relax...don't do it"'s a Jazzercise song that I really love, actually. And though it's now blatantly obvious, I had NO IDEA. Until just now reading your post.

    I am a nimrod.

  2. I always thought Olivia Newton John's song "Let me hear your body talk" really was all about exercising. I mean, after all ... she DID wear a leotard and exercised in the video ... LOL.


  3. I got in trouble for singing the Garth Brooks song, "Two of a kind, working on a full house."

    There is a part that says, "We really fit together if you know what I'm talking about."



    I had no idea what he was talking about. But my mother did.

  4. I'm laughing because I had no idea why my mother wouldn't allow me to listen to Relax...Don't Do It. The nerve of her!

    Also, I had to have been in my 20's when I found out what She Bop was about. I could go on and on. Yeah, I'm naive.

  5. OK I am SO like you!!

    WHen my little one was an infant I would feed her and watch Ellen and I just loved the song Stronger by Kanye West.

    Ellen only played a tiny bit of the song so I honestly thought it was about being "stonger" and tough. So I downloaded it and played it for my 8 year old.


    You are fuunny! Following you now!

  6. Mom says
    "Relax ... Don't do what??????" I still don't get it.

  7. you're right annie. no clue on how you got pregnant. flummoxed actually ;-)

    actually this is not true. I grew up on a very puritanical home and was not allowed to see anything too racy. So I was PRETTY sheltered.

    Frankie goes to hollywood - loved that song :)

  8. Duran-Duran - Hungry Like a Wolf......I just thought they were hungry for food!

    Billy Joel - Captain Jack...."and Captain Jack will get you high tonight....and take you to your special island..." I had no idea what Captain Jack was!

    I could really go on and on.....I guess the reason why mom let us sing those songs because SHE didn't know either!!!!! I took note of her comment. :)

  9. Oh boy have you nailed it. I was clueless too and now I am hyper-aware!
    SITS sent me by, glad they did. Happy Friday!

  10. LOL! Umm Bedrock (the song you heard) is by a group called Young Money,...the lead rapper is Lil Wayne! Really funny post!

    I had no idea about Relax either!

  11. Oh don't feel bad- my husband is constantly telling me stuff referred to sex and I had no idea. I remember singing Samantha Foxx's "touch me" to the top of my lungs in middle school. And I had no idea what I was really singing. And I was in middle school. My husband has also informed me that Cindy Lauper's She Bob is about masturbation too. I had no clue.


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