Friday, March 19, 2010

My March Madness

I need some advice. Or sanity. Or both.

My problem?


Ellerie will not sit in her car seat.

Now, I know that some of you out there will just say, "Strap her in! " I, too, am OK with that approach if it weren't for the fact that Ellerie can undo the buckles. And, not just any, run of the mill seat belt buckles, mind you. These are tough for me to get undone without some concentration. The girl could probably figure out a rubik's cube if it meant that she could get out of her car seat. She is a flipping Houdini, I tell you!

Maybe she has a future in magic?


At least I know that she won't be into bondage.

Any ideas to help? Duct tape?? Bungee cords??? I am pretty open to anything.


  1. I have no idea. I know that some people stop the car if the kids unbuckle but that never phased my kids. I turned around one time and my youngest was riding in the cargo area of the van. He thinks it's hysterical.

  2. It is hard to believe several generations survived without strapping the kids down. Sometimes I think it is a bigger risk when you get distracted with the kid's Houdini moves. The car seats we had were clipped on the FRONT seat, had a little steering wheel, horn and not at all safe. We also rode our bikes with the wind in our faces and hair.How on earth did we grow up?

  3. Combination Lock! Luke is 4 and he still needs me to get him out of his car seat. I guess I'm lucky!

  4. What about bribing with candy? That seems to work for us. LOL!

  5. How old is Ellerie? What is she into? Dora? or Nintendo? Beloved toy? Whichever way, figure out what her currency is and the next time your little Houdini makes an escape from her car seat when the vehicle is moving, take it away from her for a few days. Motivational dynamics, my friend. Or you could just put the fear of God and corporal punishment in her like all our parents did. We turned out okay. More or less. ;-p

  6. Sticker charts and rewards. IF that doesn't work, maybe a sticker book...some kind of distraction in the car that would keep her mind OFF unbuckling and ON something else? I have been there, but honestly, I can't remember what worked. I did the whole pulling over thing, but if I was in a hurry I was the one punished.
    Good luck! Seriously!!

  7. Alyssa undoes her buckle too, but will sit very nicely in a booster. So when she is insisting that she doesn't want to sit in the carseat, I buckle her into the booster and know that she won't be thrashing around, grabbing the back of my seat...etc. She even opened her door when I was driving one time! I have to use the child proof door button! Two year olds are nuts!

  8. btw, my computer does not want me to email you... im not sure why. when are you gonna be in vegas?

    whoa! check out your followers! 71 congrats!

  9. I would suggest researching car seats online, and specifically look for buckles that are childproof. They might involve locks or just placement where your child can't reach them. Ah yes, best of luck to you.


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