Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Disney Confessions . . .

The cousins posing for a pic.

I confess . . . it's been awhile since my last confession post.

Forgive me?


Good. I feel better already.

On to more absolution . . .

I confess that I love Disney World. I wear the goofy hats, made the kids wear the goofy hats, and I even hugged on all of the characters that I met! I know. I know. I am a grown woman. I should practice a little more restraint, but, it is just soooo much fun to partake of the silliness. Seriously, if a 5 foot mouse were to approach me say, in my home, I would be after that rodent with a bat in less than a heartbeat. But, in Disney World a 5 foot mouse inspires nothing but love and affection, go figure!
Ab with Princess Minnie ears.

Ethan with Sorcerer Mickey ears that lit up!

I confess that on our recent Disney adventure, when an old teacher of mine that works as a stage manager at one of the parks was able to work a little special Disney magic, I almost peed my pants with excitement and enjoyment. My kids were jedis!! We all got to meet Darth Vader and denounce the dark side! Darth tried to tempt us with signed light sabers, but my kids used the force and said, "Step off!" Sure, it was dorky and geeky, but it was heaven! Nerd heaven, but still heaven!!
(That's me in the front holding a terrified Ellerie.)
I confess that Darth invaded my dreams that week. Does that mean I will join the dark side? Or that secretly, I want to be bad? Very, very bad? Hmmmm. I confess that I don't have the answer. (But, it sure is fun to think about!)

I confess that for the entire week in Disney, I did not formally work out.

I confess that it didn't matter that I didn't work out, because I walked approximately 7,000 miles while carrying a 40 pound Ellerie. No. I am not kidding. (My back sincerely wishes that I was!) Apparently the little turkey decided that she did not want to be restrained within the confines of her stroller. She even escaped a time or two when forcibly put in the seat. Consequently, I probably burned at least 20,000 calories trekking all over the kingdoms with her 40 pounds of love in my arms. (The insane things that we do for our kids . . . and for myself for that matter . . .)
Ellerie with a poopie face. Imagine that.
I confess. We had a ball! :)
Is that Elton John?!?


  1. I confess I've been too scared to attempt Disney with my girls yet.

    However, I confess it sounds like a good workout.

    And I also confess they will likely be 6 before we take them so that I can refuse to carry them.


  2. Sounds like you guys had a blast. The kids are just precious!

  3. How fun! I confess we love Disney too! That Jedi Disney magic is just perfect, lucky you. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  5. Annie and Darth, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g ....

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)

    Glad you had a blast. I only make fun because I'm jealous.



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