Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the Pits . . . An Apology

Dear Man in the Blue Chevy Truck in the CVS parking lot,

I am sure that you think that I am crazy.

And, really, let's be honest. On most days, I am.

But, on Monday what you witnessed in the CVS parking lot was particularly nuts, even for me. For that, I apologize.

You see, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why I was shaving my armpit while sitting in the driver's seat of my van in the CVS parking lot. I was on my way to the gym when I adjusted my rearview mirror. It was then that I noticed that my armpits resembled a forest growing rampant. Holy yuck!! There was no way that I could go to the gym and show off those prickly hairs now could I? So, rather than go all the way back home to shave, I stopped at the CVS on the way, bought a pack of disposable razors, and took care of the problem in the parking lot.

Perfectly reasonable! So you see, I am not crazy in the least.

I am just a very creative and resourceful woman . . . with cleanly shaven armpits.



PS I wholeheartedly appreciate that you did not take a video of my madness with your cell phone and post it on you tube. I checked. :)


  1. Stopping in from SITS --- Totally understand and am impressed by your foresight to purchase said razors and shave in the parking lot of CVS...not the gym's ;-)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Oh my gosh...that is too funny! Didn't you get razor burn?!

  3. Holy embarassment, Batman! 'Course I was once caught outside in bra, panties and rubber gloves picking up the trash my mother's flea-ridden cur had strewn all over the place. Wish I could say I'd gone unnoticed ... thankfully, it happed B.Y.T. - Before YouTube.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Haha lol I would die of embarrassment if someone caught me doing that. :-)

    Stopping by from SITS.

  5. LOL! It's so funny b/c I am about to head out for a run at the park with a small forest growing out from under each arm. That's why I prefer the park to the gym.

  6. just laughed out loud!!! that is too funny!

  7. We are soulmates, honey. I'm so glad you not only did this, but admitted it publicly. YOU GO, GIRL!

  8. LOL! I always wear sleeves. No worries that way.

  9. Oh! That is really funny! :p


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