Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day Thoughts

It is 19 degree and snowing heavily outside.

The kiddies are watching a movie.

The washer and dryer are humming.

The house is cozy and warm.

Does anyone else out there feel like eating his or her weight in chips?

Or is it just me???


  1. Saw you on SITS and had to comment......i could eat my weight in brownies, cheese and chips all! Cute blog! Enjoy the cold.....i love it sometimes. :)

  2. Stoppin by from SITS! Keep warm lady!!! Love the site!!

  3. Mmmmmmm...chips. Baked Lays please!

    Or cupcakes. I think I might make cupcakes today.

  4. Annie,

    YOU READ MY MIND! Only it's 2 degrees here. UGH!!!

  5. Oh Annie, you guys are lucky, it's -13* (and only got to -7* with a wind-chill of -15*) but chips sound wonderful, so do the brownies, cupcakes and whatever else is bad for me. I do love it when the kids are quiet and the house is warm and cozy.

  6. LOL!! I feel ya sista!!!! I wish we had some snow because my daughter has never seen any and is dying for some. It's COLD enough to snow, but so far, no "luck".

  7. Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday! I can't imagine the amount of snow rest of country is getting. (In Calif.) We had just 3 days last month and the town just shut down.
    Glad you're warm and safe. And, yes, all we did was eat all day!

  8. Def. a bad week to be dieting. It has to warm up a little soon. Doesn't it???

    OMG - My word verification was FALSE. I'm not making this up. I hope it isn't a sign.


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